Rajasthan Patrika

Rajasthan Patrika: A Popular Newspaper To Post Your Ads On

Rajasthan Patrika is a Hindi Daily newspaper that started back in 1956. It is immensely popular in Rajasthan and Delhi. Along with that, it is published in 9 other states by the name of Patrika. Back in 2013, Rajasthan Patrika took pace and became the fourth largest read newspaper. But the question arises why someone needs to read the newspaper. Here are the benefits of the reading newspaper:

1. It provides detailed information and general knowledge.

2. It will help to change your outlook and improve your knowledge

3. You will have a clear understanding of the current situation of the


It shows the efficacy of this paper for which posting ads over this newspaper is quite beneficial. Just Book Ads, one of the best ad agencies in Delhi, helps you with this task at ease. Here are some of the details about the newspaper along with ad booking attributes with Just Book Ads.

Statistics of Rajasthan Patrika

Here are some of the important statistics that makes Rajasthan Patrika one of the best Hindi daily newspaper: It experiences over 3,513,756 circulations daily. Rajasthan Patrika has over 37 editions and is published over ten states of India.

The IRS of Rajasthan Patrika crosses the mark of 1 crore 33 lakh readers. These are a few of the essential statistics that explain the true efficacy of the paper. Moreover, some of the supplements of Rajasthan Patrika are Amar Ujala, Dainik Bhaskar, NavBharat Times, and others.

Is Posting Ads over Rajasthan Patrika Feasible?

Just Book Ads says posting ads on any of the newspapers is quite a great idea to meet the diverse requirements and goals. Whether you are searching for a job or giving one, newspaper ads are never outdated to help you find your requirements. With Just Book Ads and Rajasthan Patrika, you can post different category of ads such as:

Classified Text Ads, Display Classified Ads and Display Ads

Property Ads, Name Change Ads, Matrimonial Ads, and others. These are just a few names of the different available categories of ads with Just Book Ads, the best advertising agency in Delhi. You need to select the newspaper, select the date, compose the ad, and pay the amount and that is it.

Why Choose Rajasthan Patrika?

Here are some of the additional perks to help you understand why you should choose Rajasthan Patrika:

1. It has a massive readership of over one crore and was the fourth-highest read Hindi daily back in 2013, and the efficacy still continues.

2. The ad rates are quite economical to help you consider your budget for publishing the ads.

3. This paper multiple advertising options have made it feasible for small and medium traders to post ads over it.

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