The Economic Times

Ensure Maximum Customer Reach by Booking Ads on The Economic Times

Want to make your business familiar to maximum customers? Well, newspaper advertising is the key. Imagining mornings without newspapers is impossible for most adults all over the world!

The relevance of newspapers

Even in today’s highly tech-driven era, the newspaper has not gone out of fashion. Newspapers still serve as a powerful source to carry the message of your brand effectively. By booking ads on the widely read newspapers, you can get a chance to reach potential customers in every nook and corner of the location your business operates in. Doesn’t it sound to be a great opportunity for your business? Well, it is indeed.

Still, looking for reasons to invest in newspaper advertisements? Well, there are plenty more. For businesses concerned about the regularity and frequency of their brand message, nothing can be better than newspaper advertising. The newspaper Ads continuously keeps the readers aware of your products and services. With the flexibility of placement and size of Ads, your business can benefit even more. Apart from all these, the best thing about booking ads in newspapers is that it is an economical solution. Without having to spend much, you can get greater coverage for your brand.

Now that you are convinced about newspaper advertising, the next thing would be how to get your Ads noticed. Availing the assistance of the top advertising agencies in Delhi is an ideal solution.

Just Book Ads can offer you any amount of assistance required in placing your business ad on the top newspapers. It is probably the best ad agency to help enhance your brand awareness and make your products and services known to your target customers. When you are ready to place your ad in the newspaper, opt for the popularly read ones like The Economic Times which can be a great choice to place your ad on.

All about The Economic Times

The Economic Times is an Indian English newspaper that was first published in the year 1961. It is the second-most popularly read English business newspaper. The newspaper is published in 14 cities, including Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Nagpur, Jaipur, and Indore. The Economic Times has a daily circulation of more than 7,50,000 copies. The Times of India, Maharashtra Times, Vijay Karnataka, and Navbharat Times are considered to be the sister newspapers of The Economic Times.

According to IRS 2019, the total readership of The Economic Times is more than 4.2 million. The AIR of The Economic Times has increased by 5%, resulting in 9,83,000 readers. The amazing readership statistics show how booking ads in the newspaper can bring out the best outcomes for your business within a very short period of time.

Type of Ads

With the assistance of Just Book Ads, you can place different types of Ads on The Economic Times. Some of those ad types are: Classified Ads, Classified Display Ads, Recruitment Ads, Education Ads, Display Ads, Financial Result Ads, Property Ads, Political Ads, Obituary Ads, Tender Notice, Public Notice.

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