Sandhya Times

Book your ad in Delhi’s new chosen prime time newspaper: Sandhya Times

Newspaper ads aren’t a new concept. They are an age-old technique of dragging the crowd towards your brand through creative and engaging advertisements.

From decades back, people have been using newspapers to spread the word and create ads for businesses that are operating in brick and mortar. Print India has a firmer influence on human minds than any other medium. There are several advantages of newspaper ads. Some of these include:

Cost friendliness Better engagement Leveraged credibility Local reach and quick response More convenience and better targeting To reach people of all age groups Heightened reliability quotient of the ad platform

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A brief overview of the Sandhya Times

Published in and around Delhi, Sandhya Times is the only Hindi Newspaper that is owned by the Times group. Competing fiercely with other Hindi dailies, the newspaper has a decent circulation in North and Central India. Being from the Times Group, the newspaper has a massive advantage over the other newspapers in terms of reputation, since the day of its launch. But with time, Sandhya Times managed to collect its own set of readers purely on its merit.

The skillfully written editorial columns, along with the detailed news reporting in matters of the political and economic front are the biggest crowd-puller for Sandhya Times. The Hindi daily has an impressive thirty thousand readers in Delhi, and so, if you place your ad on a newspaper with such a massive audience, the level of exposure that your brand can get will be unimaginable.

Choice of ads that you can opt for with Sandhya Times

When it comes to creativity with the newspaper ads, the sky's the limit. Just like with other newspaper ads, there is so much to explore with Sandhya Times.

Here are some options for ad categories that Sandhya Time offers.

Matrimonial Business Property Recruitment Lost and Found Change of Names Remembrance Astrology Education Announcement Travel Tenders To rent Services Situation wanted Obituary Wedding Arrangements Newspaper ads are a click away

You can pick any of the above-mentioned categories and post your ad on Sandhya Times easily. All you need to do is to drop us a line @ +91- 9910699006. For further information, you can always write to us at