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Today there is so much competition in the market that, no matter which industry you are in, you are bound to face the pressure to do something different in order to outsmart your competitors. And the best way to do that is by using print media to reach out to your customers. You know what they say, old is gold! The print media was and will always be the best way to make people aware of your brand. But why? Why newspapers? Why not magazines or other print media alternatives? That’s what you must be thinking. So let’s find out why the newspaper is your best friend when it comes to marketing! Before you try to understand how newspaper ads can add value to your products and services you must know that the sole purpose of such advertisements is lead generation. Well, as per the research done by experts everywhere, the lead time is the shortest in case of newspaper ads. The newspaper is the only print media that is released daily among the masses. This means that you have a chance to boost your brand’s image almost daily for a certain period of time with a little bit of assistance from Just Book Ads, one of the top advertising agencies in Delhi. Choosing the right paper! Now the question is, which newspaper to place your ad on? In case you are confused, it is always safe to bet on The Punjabi Tribune. Being a regional paper, it will work as the perfect tool that will make your brand name popular in every house. If you want to focus your marketing strategies on a particular area then such a popular regional newspaper like The Punjabi Tribune can be the ideal option for you. The Punjabi tribune The Tribune Trust owns this popular daily newspaper that is published and circulated widely in Punjab and Haryana. On 15th August 1978, the paper was launched in the country and ever since then, they have been circulated even in the most remote parts of Punjab and Haryana. 10 years back in August 2010, The Punjabi Tribune was launched online. So now you can reach people all over the state anytime, anywhere with easy and affordable advertisements. Ever since Swaraj Bir Singh became the editor on 31st September 2018, their reader base experienced a massive boost all over the state. Being a philanthropist, Swaraj Bir Singh makes sure that the quality of The Punjabi Tribune is maintained throughout the years, giving people a clear idea of everything that is going on in the country and the world at large.

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Some of the types of ad you can place in The Punjabi Tribune with our assistance: Text Classified, Classified display, Display ad

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Automotive, Educational, Financial results, Obituary, Political, Property, Public notice, Recruitment, Tender Notice

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