Maharashtra Times

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Today, businesses face tough competition to reach out to the customers and stay ahead of their competitors. Well, to beat your competitors, you need to pick a smart medium with a wide reach, when it comes to advertising. The evolution of technology offers you a vast range of options to connect with the target customers. But, among all the choices, the newspaper still stands strong and the most trusted medium for advertising. This is mainly because people turn over the pages of the newspaper right at the start of the day, to look for jobs, services, properties, and much more, which makes it easier for the businessmen to lure them with their eye catching advertisements.

But, how to book ads in the top newspapers? Well, Just Book Ads is a reputed newspaper advertising agency in Mumbai that can make your advertising journey an easy one. Well, your task doesn’t end here. The next thing that you need to do is select the right newspaper for posting your ad. In case you are confused, you can put your faith in the Maharashtra Times. It will not only enable you to make a significant impact on the target audience but also ensure maximum outreach.

Take a Look at the Maharashtra Times

Maharashtra Times, which is published from Mumbai is known as the highest selling Marathi newspaper in India. There are 9 editions of Maharashtra times from major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nasik, Ahmednagar, and Jalgaon. Times of India is also a sister publication of Maharashtra Times.

The quality of content is the main reason behind the growing popularity of the Maharashtra Times. As per the IRS 2005, Maharashtra Times acquired the second position in Mumbai in terms of readership. According to a much more recent IRS, the readership of Maharashtra Times has increased, and it sells more than 10 million copies on a daily basis.

Being a regional newspaper, Maharashtra Times can appeal to the masses in the state. With Just Book Ads, the best ad agency, you can easily advertise your brand on the Maharashtra Times.

What types of Ads can you post?

With the assistance of Just Book Ads, the different types of ads that you get to choose from are: Display Ads, Property Ads, Matrimony Ads, Public Notice, and much more. If you are on the lookout for a newspaper ad agency near me, connect with our professionals and avail quality assistance. For more details, call on @ +91-9910699006 or email at