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How to book advertisements in Hindustan Times?

Founded in 1924, Hindustan Times is an Indian-English newspaper that draws its roots since the independence era. The English dailies is one of the most promising and most-sought newspapers that targets the audience of major cities including New Delhi. Whether in Hindi or, English the newspaper has always kept winning hearts while spreading the right message. No wonder no one questions it on its reliability and it has such a high IRS quotient. The newspaper has a combined daily readership of 2.72 million in Delhi NCR. With 7 dedicated editions, the newspaper brawls across some major cities across India in Mumbai, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Delhi, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Bhopal, Patna, Ranchi, Jaipur, Lucknow and the recent addition Pune. Newspaper ads will never be out of fashion. Decades back, people used to depend on newspapers for marketing and recruitment, and now even with the inception of digital alternatives, the scenarios haven’t changed strikingly. Businesses till date rely on newspapers to convey their brand messages and do marketing. Hindustan Times is by far one of the most reckoned newspapers of all times that can bring massive traffic for your brand. Thanks to JustBookAd that has made the process notably easier and flexible. How to book your newspaper classified ad? The process is quite convenient. All you need to know is to follow the below mentioned steps and Voila! You will have your very own ad published in Hindustan Times within no time! For one, you need to select the ad type (which may include classified or text display), and they specify your desired location. Secondly, to book newspaper ads select the package, compose and check the preview. Pick the publishing date that you are comfortable with and make payment online to complete your booking of the ad. Classified display ads: Also familiar as Run on Line or ROL, these text ads are the most manageable advertising in the business section. You can use fonts, screen border, or background colors to enhance your business name. The cost is generally calculated reasonably so hurry up and book your slot now! Classified text ads: These are more impressive and captivate maximum attention. Categories of Ads for publishing in Hindustan Times When it comes to creativity with one of the leading newspapers like Hindustan Times, sky's the limit. Whether it is about recruitment and business or matrimony and astrology, we can reserve a corner for anything you want. Here are some categories that you can opt for, have a look! Appointment Ads Are you looking for suitable employees for any post in your business? If yes then we will help you to place appointment ads and recruit the best individual for your organization. Name change Ads If you are planning to change your brand’s name or even your own name through an affidavit, and you want to inform others then you can place it in a reckoned Newspaper like Hindustan Times. Classified Display Ads Let your brand grow ahead of the growth curve and steal some limelight for your business with display ads from JustBookAds. Property real estate ads Looking to rent your property? Don’t worry we have your back with property rental classified ads. Matrimonial Classified Ads Find the right life-partner with our matrimonial ads in Hindustan Times. Why ads in Hindustan Times are a win-win for your brand? A viral newspaper like Hindustan Time can help to focus on a local search, and the ads are much affordable. You can reach customers of every age group and exercise a lot of creativity when you place your ad. Hike your reliability quotient with Just Book Ad as you get to advertise your business name with the most influential marketing channel on print media. Why Just Book Ad? We take pride in calling ourselves the best advertising agency in Delhi. If you want the name and fame by getting in touch with Hindustan Times and the leading print giants in the newspaper industry, then we can certainly be of great help. Be a household name with our ad booking services, and let your business climb the ladders of success.

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