Ei Samay

Ei Samay- The right platform for posting ads with Just Book Ads

Newspapers are one form of conveying the latest updates that are available in all regional languages of India. Different papers and different brands pick up regional languages to convey trending updates with effective advertisements to meet common people daily requirements. Just Book Ads, is one such ads agency in Delhi that helps post ads for its clients on select newspapers.

If you are looking for property deals, marriage proposals, jobs, or any other such requirements, then prefer posting ads for the same over newspapers to reach out to the larger audience in a short span of time. The process of publishing the ads is also quite easy and convenient as you just need to select the type of paper, choose the type of ad, select the date and make the payment for processing the booking. Here are some of the details for you to analyze the efficacy of posting ads over EiSamay with Just Book Ads, a top advertising agency in Delhi.

Know the reach of Ei Samay Paper

Ei Samay is also known as Ei Samay Sangbadpatra, a Bengali language daily paper founded in 2012. It is the publication of The Times Group. The circulation of Ei Samay is around 338422 daily. The sister newspapers of Ei Samay are The Economic Times, Navbharat Times, Maharashtra Times, and others. It is mostly available in the Bengal region only. The circulation of this regional paper is quite high that makes it a feasible option for posting ads targeting the region.

Just Book Ads is the bridge to help you reach the newspapers and post your ads to get maximum exposure to your requirements. If you have a newly launched brand and you want to gain exposure, then posting ads is quite a feasible solution. Make sure that you check the website to know the pricing details and the types of ads that the best ads agency in Delhi deals with.

Different Types of Ad Posting with Just book Ads agency

With Just Book Ads, you can post a wide category of ads such as: Text, Display Classified and Display Ads Major top categories: Matrimonial Ads, Name Change Ads, Property Ads, Appointments/Job Ads and many more. These are just a few of the many types of ads that the agency has to offer. Everything you think of is available with Just Book Ads to help you come up with the best solutions for your needs. Get in touch with the company to know more about the services and other associated details. For more details, call our expert @ +91-9910699006 or email at support@justbookad.com for the best discount and cheapest newspaper packages.