Booking Ads over Loksatta and other newspapers is now easy with Just BookAds

Just Book Ads is one of the top advertising agencies that explains the people about the true efficacy and power of newspapers. In this digital world, people are still inching toward using newspapers to promote their brands throughout the nation. This is what helps the individuals come up with some of the best options to reach out to the targeted audience without spending hefty amounts over online mediums.

Just Book Ads, the top advertising agency, is here to explain to you the true convenience and ease of posting ads over their medium. The method and the prices have been streamlined to help more people promote their businesses and other such aspects.

In this article, you will know about the true potential of the Loksatta newspaper, along with the convenient process of booking your online ads with Just Book Ads.

Potential of Lok Satta Newspaper

Loksatta is a Marathi daily paper that is circulated in the whole of Maharashtra. It is published by The Indian Express Group and was launched back in the year 1948. Loksatta is distributed around Pune, Nagpur, Mumbai, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nashik, Palghar, and Thane. The circulation of this paper accounted for 400,000 only in Pune, Nagpur, and Mumbai combined. The circulation further went up after many new city editions were added onto the list. The sister newspapers of Loksatta are Ravivar Vruttant, Lokrang, Vasturang, Chaturang, and Viva. As per the latest IRS comparison, Loksatta stands at the 4th position with 7.54 lakh readers.

This explains the true potential of Loksatta Newspaper in helping the individual ads to reach out to the maximum audience. Therefore, learn the process of posting or booking ads with the help of Just Book Ads agency.

Process of Booking Ads over Just Book Ads

Follow these steps to ensure that you book the ads easily and conveniently over Just Book Ads:

Log onto the website and select your favorable newspaper in which you want to publish your ads.

You need to select the category of ads that you want to publish, such as matrimonial ads, name change ads, property ads, and others.

After that, you need to select the date on which you want to get the ad published.

Move ahead and compose the ads to make sure that it looks and conveys the information the way you want it.

Proceed to the payment gateway, make the payment, and you are all done.

This is the detailed process of easy booking of the ads over your favorite newspapers. Just Book Ads is the best ads agency that offers feasible service to all residents across India to help them reach out to a larger audience. So, get in touch today to know more about their services along with their price quotes.

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