Hind Samachar

Book Your Ads with Just Book Ads Agency over Hind Samachar and other newspapers

The generation is evolving, so as all the promotional measures are digital today.

The only thing that is the same even today is the craze for the newspapers. The 2000 era also loves reading newspapers today as they find it informative and a pleasing habit. As everything around the world needs exposure to grow, several businesses are trying promotional measures to gain a brand impression. On the other hand, newspapers are also using this strategy to help out people with detailed ads.

Just Book Ads is one of the best advertising agencies that offer you the services for adding or publishing your ads over newspapers. Not only businesses but marriage proposals, property, jobs, and other ads can also be published in the newspapers.

The Update on Hind Samachar

Hind Samachar is the Urdu daily newspaper that is highly circulated in the Mumbai region. It was started by the Punjab Kesari group. It is one of the three papers started by this group. The total circulation of all the three papers of this group in Mumbai is around 9,75,000 copies on weekdays and around 1.05 million copies at the weekends. Hind Samachar has three editions in total and is published from the three big cities Jammu, Ambala, and Jalandhar. The sister newspapers of Hind Samachar are Navodaya Times. Jagbani and Punjab Kesari. Just Book Ads agency is one of the best ads agencies that offer affordable ad publishing services over Hind Samachar newspaper and other top papers. You need to follow the easy and convenient method of booking and posting the ads.

Process of posting Ads over Just Book Ads agency

For posting the ads, you need to follow certain steps, as mentioned below. The steps are as follows:

Log on to the website and select the newspaper on which you want to post the ads.

Now, select the type of ads that you want to publish, such as display ad, matrimonial ad, name change ad, and others.

After that, you need to choose the publication date on which your ad will be published.

Go ahead, compose the ad, and make the payment to confirm the booking.

The process is quite convenient, and you need to come up with some of the best ideas to ensure that your ad has the right content to convince the targeted audience to avail of your proposals. Whether you are looking for a bride/groom or want to promote your business, newspaper ads are one of the best modes of reaching out to the people who are also looking for opportunities or relevant candidates.

Now that you know the efficacy of newspapers and posting ads over it. Get in touch with the services of Just Book Ads agency to know more about the services offered along with the pricing details. If you are interested and willing to publish ads to meet your requirements, then consult the top advertising agency, Just Book Ads today.