Obituary (Death Announcement)

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In this fast-moving world, where nothing is certain, death is the only thing that remains as a constant reminder of the fragility of human life. The gathering of family members during the rituals doesn’t just help people to mourn the lost soul, but also gives them a chance to reminiscence the old days and relive the sweet memories again and again.

Why post an ad?

We understand how crucial and testing such times can be. This is why Just Book Ad, the best advertisement agency in Delhi, brings you fast online ad booking services, where you can post about all the rituals and invite close relatives too. This way you can avoid calling up everyone personally and mourn in peace.

What to post?

Here are the few things that you can post on the top newspapers of India if you book obituary ad online through us.

- Death announcement

- Death anniversary

- Rituals

- Condolences

- Bhog ceremony

- Prayer meets

- Tribute

- Sad demise

- Chautha

Life is quite uncertain. However, losing your near and dear ones is never easy. When someone close to your heart bids goodbye to the world, it is one of the most painful moments. In such a situation, words fall short of expressing the real and deep feeling within you. It’s hard to inform your relatives and friends in a time of grief. Here, the obituary advertisement in newspaper can help you make the death announcement of your loved ones with ease.

Eulogy advertisements are one of the easiest ways to pass on your message to your friends and family. Newspapers are still a relevant medium of conveying death announcements to people.

Top Reasons to Publish Obituary Advertisements in Newspaper

Obituary advertisement is growing to be a popular means of making demise announcements and notifying people of death anniversaries. A classified ad can also be used for offering condolence to the family members of the deceased person or paying a tribute. Some of the top reasons to choose obituary ads are listed below.

Provides Detailed Information

These advertisements offer detailed information about the departed person to others. It includes their birth date and death date. It also provides a brief bibliography of the deceased person. This enables the people reading the newspaper to know your loved ones better. Along with the information of the person, the obituary ads also provide details about the prayer meeting, funeral, commemorations, and chauthas.

Reach Relatives and Friends

Through the reputed newspapers, the necrology advertisement enables you to reach out to the extended family and acquaintances of the deceased person. The publication can be used to invite them to the funeral services. It gives the near and dear ones an opportunity to come and pay homage or respect to the person one last time.

Brings People Together

Obituary advertisement in newspaper serves as a way of bringing together all the people related to the late person. By reading the death news, acquaintances and friends can come and provide the family members with emotional strength and support. It helps in strengthening the bonds of the people. The broader reach of the newspaper enables bringing people together from different places of the nation.

Share Emotions and Feelings

The obituary announcement is also used for publishing remembrances and paying homage. It gives you an opportunity to put down your emotion and feelings for the departed soul in words. Through the newspaper advertisement, you can show the world what the person meant to you and his/ her value in your life.

How to Book Obituary advertisement in newspaper

To book your obituary advertisement, taking the assistance of a professional newspaper advertising agency can be helpful. Just Book Ads is a top-rated agency that can help get your advertisement published in the desired way. To register for the ad, you need to follow these three steps.

Select newspaper, advertisement type, category, location, and publication date.

Draft the content of the obituary advertisement.

Make online payment for booking the ad.

Contact the top newspaper advertisement agencies and get your ad published.