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We at Just Book Ad, the best advertising agency in Delhi online, believe that, marriage is a highly regarded and beautifully celebrated tradition in India. This is why it’s our aim to give people a brilliant platform where they can find the man/woman of their dreams!

Who can book?

There are primarily two sections under which Indian matrimonial advertisements are posted, which are ‘Bride Wanted’ & ‘Groom Wanted’. While the family of the bride-to-be posts ad under ‘Groom Wanted’, the family of the Groom-to-be posts under the ‘Bride Wanted section along with their unique preferences so that only individuals who meet the criteria and are compatible with the profile can contact the respective families through the contact details provided on the ad.

Some of the most common categories

Specifying certain categories help in inviting highly relevant responses. This way you won’t have to waste any time rejecting advances from families that don’t match your profile. Let’s take a look at some of the specifications that will help you reach out to the right people.

- Language preferences

- Career preferences

- Location

- Physical characteristics

- Height

- Hobbies

Marriage binds two individuals together in a sacred bond. In India, marriage occupies a special position in everyone’s heart and is considered an auspicious event. Every individual wants and deserves to find the perfect partner for their life. However, finding the ideal match is sometimes quite difficult, especially in the case of arranged marriages. Here, the matrimonial advertisement in reputed newspapers can be the best solution.

Most people have a perception that newspapers are no longer in use, owing to the growth of digital platforms. But, in India, still, people prefer to grab a newspaper and go through it every morning. It has become a continuing tradition in the country. Publishing matrimonial ad in newspaper can help you in finding your perfect match quickly. In order to avail the best benefits, it is always better to work with professional newspaper advertisement agencies.

In this blog, you will know about some of the things you must keep in mind while planning to publish the matrimonial classified ads in the top newspapers.

Plan to Associate with a Newspaper Advertisement Agency.

Availing the newspaper advertisement agencies' assistance can help you get your matrimonial ad published in the desired newspaper effortlessly. As the professionals have connections with a number of newspapers, they can assist you in selecting the right newspaper to expand the reach of your ad. Moreover, they can also help you design the matrimonial advertisement in the most appealing way to attract the attention of more people. The newspaper advertisement agency can lead you in the right direction of search and help you find the perfect bride or groom.

Choosing the Right Newspaper is important.

The significance of choosing the right newspaper for placing your matrimonial classified ads cannot be overlooked. If you want your ad to reach a larger reader pool, selecting a national daily can be the ideal option for you. Look for a widely circulated newspaper to publish your matrimonial ads in India. This can help you in getting maximum response for your advertisement.

Select Regional Newspaper to get in touch with Native Alliance Seekers.

Regional newspapers are the best way of connecting with the alliance seekers of your native place. If you want to find your ideal match from the particular zone where you live, posting the matrimonial ads in the regional newspaper can help. You can get the details of your ideal match from the agencies and get in touch with them to carry forward the interaction on a personal level.

Vernacular Newspapers are still relevant.

Even in the present day, many people prefer the vernacular newspapers to avail the information in the language they are comfortable with. If you are very particular about region or caste, publishing your matrimonial ad in vernacular newspapers can solve your purpose.

How to Book matrimonial ad in newspaper?

Booking your matrimonial ad in the newspaper with the help of a newspaper advertising agency like Just Book Ads can make your task relatively easy. Following three simple and easy steps is all you need to do. First, you need to pick the ad category, city, publication, and ad type. Then, compose your ad by including all the essential information, and finally, make the online payment to the ad agency for publishing your advertisement. So, post your matrimonial ads in India and connect with your dream partner today!

All you have to do is follow 3 easy steps and you can book matrimonial ad online instantly for the top newspapers of the country, through Just Book Ad.

Choose your city, ad category, Ad type and the publication

Compose the Ad with all the necessary information

Make hassle-free payment online!

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