Change of Name

Book Change of name ads in Newspapers

People need to amend their names due to various reasons like religious issues, post-marriage change, divorce etc. Hence, a name change advertisement is essential irrespective of your age, religion, geographical location or career. Just Book Ad, the best advertisement agency in Delhi, delivers some of the finest services when it comes to letting people know about the change in your name.

Why announce your name change?

Once you have decided to change your name, you need to make people aware of your new identity. Not only that, but you also have to make amendments to your government-issued documents like passport and other official documents. So, it is necessary to book change of name ad online if you don’t want to go through the trouble of correcting people every time they address you by your old name. What better mode of communication can there be apart from the top newspapers of India? It is the best and most relied upon the medium, which will reach the target audience faster than any other alternative.

The Steps involved:

- Booking a name change ad in the newspaper is a 3-step process.

- Firstly, the person has to choose between a sample text classified advertisement or sample display classified advertisement.

- Secondly, the person must convey his/ her needs to the team of professionals who would design the ad accordingly.

- Thirdly, make the necessary payments instantly or a few days before the date of publishing of the advertisement.

- Just Book Ad would help you book change of name ad online anytime in a hassle-free and convenient way!

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